• Inventorization

  • Governments and companies have a lot of objects to manage. To do this in a more efficient way, there is an increasing need for the creation of geographic inventory of objects so that they can be incorporated into a geographic information system (GIS) or a facility management system.

    GlobeZenit specializes in large-scale inventorizaton activities where large amounts of (geographic) data need to be collected and processed  within a limited period of time.

    We are thinking about:

    • Horizontal en vertical road signage
    • Urban assets, urban green spaces
    • Public utility property (street light poles, electricity poles, fire hydrants…)
    • Objects for Facility Managment (office furniture, pictograms,...)
    • Sewer systems


    To capture the information required, GlobeZenit relies on ultra modern low-end and high-end mobile mapping techniques, such as laser, lidar, orthophotographs and spherical panoramic image visualization.  Our services offer centimeter-lever geographic  accuracy.