• Indoor Mobile Mapping (IMMS)


     As the first one in the Benelux, GlobeZenit offers a Indoor Mobile Mapping solution for its customers.

    The Indoor Mobile Mapping System (IMMS) of GlobeZenit gives the opportunity to map interior environment  fast and accurately while walking through the scanning area.  Immediately a floor plan is created which contains a high level of detail and accuracy.

    Simultaneously 3D laser data and 360° pictures are collected during the data acquisition process.

    Precise measurements can be made. Areas, volumes, distances and angles can be measured.  Furthermore the collected data is acquired for 3D modeling and representation purposes.

    By using our 3D viewer anyone can walk virtually through the interior environment. The viewer offers even the possibility to measure in the pictures and point cloud.

  • Range of application

    IMMS can be used in every indoor environment, wathever the area.  E.g. offices, public buildings (airports, railway stations, hopsitals, libraries, musea,...) industrial builidings, security related environments, government buildings where GPS forbidden, shopping malls.

  • Contact

    Dirk Verheyen
    Business Development
    Tel: +32 3 466 05 05

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  • Benefits

    • IMMS is faster and therefore less expensive than traditional methods
    • Providing accurate information on building layout en physical surroundings
    • Creating 3D environments suitable for modeling and representation
    • Generating 2D floor plans on the fly with a high lever of detail and centimeter accuracy
    • Covering up to 10.000m2 per day


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