• 3D Laser scanning

  • Since 2002, GlobeZenit has built up a strong expertise in 3D laser scanning, both for civil and industrial use.

    3D laser scanning technology maps  the world around us with mm-accuracy. Our high-tech scanners capture hundreds of thousands of points per second. Each point is a distinct millimeter-accuracy xyz-measurement shot in full color. Viewed collectively, these point  constitute a photorealistic 'point cloud' which reflects the real world.

    We strive to make 3D laser scanning accessible to project developers, architects and engineers. This technology is ideally suited for:

    • Archeological purposes
    • Restoration historical buildings
    • Presentation purposes
    • BIM  (Building Information Modeling)
    • As-Built
    • Mechanical and Piping Layouts
    • Measurement of buildings
    • Clash Detection
    • Reverse Engineering

    We are familiar with software packages such as Cyclone and LFM.  We support our customers in the use of laser data in a CAD environment,  such as AutoCAD or MicroStation and database environments such as PDMS, PDS, Open Plant, Plant Space and Tekla.

    Besides the laser scanning and modeling,  we also offer consultancy in the field of software, delivery software, training and education.